Kanban Boards

Kanbanier screenshot

Kanbanier has a clean design without distractions. Simple and uncluttered geometry combines with muted colors for efficient working.

Kanbanier runs on your device, not the web. It is always ready to go, right among your other applications. No registration, no logins, no delays.

Kanbanier is 100% native. It is naturally adapted to your system for maximum performance and a familiar look and feel.

You own your data. Store it where you like and make it as safe as you need it to be. No question where your data is located or who has access.

Share on your terms. Feel free to send your Kanban boards around, or use iCloud® to sync between devices and people.

Kanbanier is free. But upgrade with an in-app purchase and access a number of powerful additional features. See the App Store for more details.

Kanbanier manages your Kanban boards. Learn more.

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