Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get help?

On Mac help is available from the Help menu and describes all important topics. On iOS help is available from the Settings screen: tap the Settings icon at the top right in the document browser.

Connect via Twitter DM, Facebook or Google+ on the Support page for any other questions.

How to activate a purchase on another device?

On other devices you can restore purchases made earlier or elsewhere (also see the next question).

On Mac you do this from the Preferences panel. On iOS it is in the Settings screen (tap the top right icon in the document browser).

Alternatively choose Buy. The App Store recognizes you have already purchased and will not charge you again.

Make sure to use the same Apple ID everywhere. See also the Mac App Store FAQ and App Store page.

About buying on iOS and macOS

Despite all efforts to achieve a degree of unity, apps for iOS and macOS are different apps, running on different platforms and offered through different app stores (App Store for iOS and Mac App Store for macOS). As a result they must be purchased separately.

There is at present no way to offer a bundle of iOS+macOS apps through either store, unfortunately.

What about previous OS versions?

Care is taken to ensure that Kanbanier is compatible with the latest published operating system versions. While the latest OS versions might not always differ much from the preceding ones on the surface, there are usually significant technical changes. This makes it difficult to continue to guarantee the quality of the application in the older environments. Hence to maintain continuity the minimum system requirements are reviewed at every release.

Can I export to other applications?

You can export Kanban boards in other formats such as images, CSV, OPML or PDF (via Print).

Can I import from other applications?

Your feedback will help decide what forms of import might be useful to include in future updates.

I would like to have feature X

Your purchase of Kanbanier helps continued development. Use the Support links to connect and submit feature requests.